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Anytime spent with a ball is "practice";
Become as comfortable with the ball as kids are with Nintendo buttons
Ball must become your friend

Just Dribble Any Chance You Get
Ball for all

Drills can be done daily. Both sets below are your  "daily dozen"
-"Maravich Drills" (Super 8)
- squeeze the banana
- up the ladder
- around the world
- figure 8
- ball drops
- dribble 8
- machine gun
- butterfly
Two ball dribbling
- dribble 8
- machine gun, side to side, front to back
- hi-lo( stationary, on move)
- crossover (stationary, on move)

Around the WorldCircling the basketball first around your head, than your waist, Finally, put your legs together and take the ball around both legs at the knees. Then spread your legs, bend at the waist, and take the ball around one leg. Then the other. This will give you a feel for the basketball and help you become more comfortable in your ball handling. A good hand speed and coordination drill, also great conditioner for your arms
Ball CircleA great way to become comfortable with the basketball is to take it and circle it around your head, then around your waist, and, finally, around your knees. Reverse direction and take the ball back up--around the knees, waist, and head.
Between the Legs ScissorsTo start the drill, place your left foot ahead of your right and bounce the ball between your legs from your right hand to your left. As the ball gets to your left hand shift your feet so that your right leg goes ahead of your left and bounce the ball back between your legs. This shifting of your feet will occur with every bounce.
Catch-catch-catchThis is a drill to work on your ballhandling. Hold the ball between your legs, with both hands on the ball, right hand in front and left hand in back. Quickly switch your hands,(now left hand in front and right hand in the back), without letting the ball touch the ground. Do as quickly as possible...this drill is one of the hardest to master... but it just takes lots of practice.
Crab WalkThis drill can go from baseline to half court. Step forward with your left leg and pass the ball from your right hand to your left under your left leg. As you take your next step with your right leg, pass the ball from your left hand to your right under your right leg. Continue this pattern all the way down the floor.
Figure 8Spread your legs, bend at the waist, put the ball through your legs, around one leg, back through your legs, and around your other leg, making a figure eight. This will help you get a feel for the basketball as you move it around. Keep your head up not looking at the ball and increase your speed.
Figure 8 DribblingThis is a drill to practice your ballhandling. Dribble the ball as quickly as possible in a figure 8 through and around the legs. Use the fingers when you dribble, and dribble very low and quickly. Switch from the right to the left and back to the right. Example: start with the right hand dribbling the ball in front and then dribble through your legs with your right hand, switch to your left hand and dribble from the back, around your left side to the front and back through you legs... then switch to your right hand behind the body and around the right side. Try to go as fast as possible, and your dribbling skills will improve with daily practice.
Figure Eight DropThe ball is moved around the outside of the left legfrom the back to the front. Then it is passed in front of your body and around the outside of your right leg from front to back. Now the ball is between your legs at the back of your body. Bounce the ball, and as it is bouncing, reverse your hands, bring your right from the back to the front and your left from the front to the back. Catch the ball before it bounces again. Continue to do figure eights.
Figure Eight Drop ReverseFor this drill, follow the procedure described in the Figure Eight Drop Drill, except that when you bounce the ball, your movement will be reversed. After the bounce, circle the ball around the outside of your right leg, in front of your left leg, and around your left leg from the front to the back.
Figure Eight--Running in PlaceMove the ball around your legs as in the Figure Eight Drill, but in addition, run in place.
One on twoA good drill to use to better your dribbling under pressure is to try to advance the ball against two defenders. This will force you to use a variety of manuevers while being alert to the defense.
Pass and CatchWith 2 hands, make a bounce pass between your legs from front to back and catch the ball with 2 hands behind you. Then bounce the ball through your legs from the back to the front, and catch the ball in front of your body. This is a good drill for body awareness.
Situp DribbleWhile doing bent-knee situps, dribble up with your right hand as you sit up, and around your feet, then switch hands to your left as you go back down, and then dribble with your left hand as you sit up, back around your feet, switching back to your right hand. Continue as quickly as possible.
Squeeze the bananaThis is a drill that helps increase the strength in your fingers. Hold the ball in front of you at eye level with two hands. By squeezing your fingers and thumb together with one hand at a time, you move the ball from one hand to the other as quickly as you can. More finger and arm strength will imrove your ball control.
Touch-Touch-TouchThis is another ballhandling drill that seems very difficult at first, but with daily practice, will improve your handles. This drill is called touch-touch-touch because that is what you do... while keeping the ball between your legs, you touch the ball once with your right hand(fingers) in front, then with your left hand(fingers) in front, then with your right behind you, and then with your left behind you. Continue in this manner as fast as possible. Before long, you will master this skill.
Up the LadderHold the ball out in front of you and pass it back from hand to hand using only your finger tips. Go from out in front of your waist to above your head and back. This will help you develop the finger tip control that you will need to properly handle the ball.
Crossover moveThis is a popular move in today's game and is exciting to watch. Place the ball in your right hand. Then, while stepping forward with your right foot, crossover to your left hand. The crossover dribble should be lower and closer to your body than all the other dribbles. Your left foot should be hitting the ground just as the ball reaches your left hand. Then, explode to the basket.
Hesitation MoveThis is a great move for a guard. Dribble fast past your defender, then slow down like you are going to stop and take the jumpshot, and then go fast past your defense. Often you will catch them flat footed, and you will get an open lane to the basket.
Speed dribbleThe speed dribble is used to advance the ball quickly up the floor, against little or no defensive pressure.The dribblers hand should be behind the ball pushing it in front, then running to catch up. This prevents a "palming" or "carrying over" violation. The speed dribble on the open floor can be a little higher than other dribbles. Control dribble moves should be around the knee, but a speed dribble can be waist to chest high.
Spin DribbleDribble in one direction then quickly jump stop, reverse pivot, take an extra dribble with the same hand, then push the ball in front of you and explode past the defender. The move must be done low and under control to protect the ball and not create a turnover.
Stutter step moveThis is a great move for a guard also. Dribble hard toward the defender, take some hard steps in place, and then go fast past the defense. Often you will catch them flat footed and you will have an open lane to the basket.
Between the LegsAnother more advanced way to change directions and protect the ball is with a between the legs dribble. This should only be used when necessary as a change of pace, and not to be fancy or "showboat". Dribble in one direction, jump stop, and dribble the ball from the front to back and between your legs to protect the ball. Change directions with a big step and explode by the defender.
What Coaches like...Coaches like a person who can dribble with both hands...someone who doesn't try to show off all the time...who just gets the job done...someone who isn't afraid to make the extra pass to get a teammate more open than you even if you are wide open...and if coaches like you, then they tell other coaches and word spreads very quickly and just by doing the little things you can have a name for yourself by just doing the things coaches like.
Crossover dribbleWhen doing cross overs a quick and sudden shift of weight and movement will get you past your defender. Make sure you put your weight on the foot opposite the direction that you want to go. This will make your fake look real. Then cross over to the other side with a big step to explode past your defender. The crossover dribble must be lower and than closer to your body than the other dribbles.
Developing your "off" handIt is important to work right from the start at developing both hand equally well. When practicing your ball handling, make sure that you practice at least as much with your weak hand as you do your strong hand, eventually increasing to twice as much with your weak hand.
Dribbling to avoid pressureBy dribbling the ball over half court on the sideline, you are giving the defense an advantage. They can set up their help side defense or trap you. Change directions and it helps relieve some pressure. As often as possible, bring the ball up the middle of the court.
Figure 8 DribbleA good way to become more comfortable in dribbling is to use dribbling drills. An excellent beginning drill is the Figure 8 Dribble. Spread your legs and bend at the waist. Dribble the ball through your legs, around one leg, back through your legs, and around the other. By keeping your head up not looking at the ball and increasing the speed of your dribble, you will become a better dribbler.
Finger Tip controlFor a beginning basketball player, control of the dribble can often be a problem. It is important to remember that dribbling with the fingertips is the key to control. To develop fingertip control, dribble with just one finger at a time, using only the fingertip of the finger doing the dribbling.
Keep Your Head UpWhen doing all drills involving dribbling, it is extremely important that you keep your head up. You must be able to see where you are going and where your teammates are so you can pass them the ball when they are open.
Protect the ballWhen dribbling against a defender, ALWAYS protect the ball with your body. You can do this by dribbling with your left hand when you are going left and your right hand when you are going right. This will force the defender to reach across your body to attempt a steal.
Use anglesOne of the most important techniques to bringing the ball up the floor is to use angles to your advantage. Rather than trying to put on some great move and go by someone, the novice point guard should concentrate on a low dribble, protecting the ball with their body and an arm bar, then advance the ball up the floor using 45 degree angles. When they feel pressure and the defense is in front of them, they should change directions and attack at another 45 degree angle.
Stationary Dribbles:stationary dribbles: Crouch down in defensive position and dribble the ball at a moderate height (about 2 feet off ground), then at a high height (shoulder level), and finally low (about 4 inches off the ground) - do with both hands. Change the speed and the "rhythm" of the dribble as you go.
30 second "free style"30 second "free style"-for 30 seconds practice a variety of your very best moves. Mix up your dribble moves(crossover, inside out, between the legs, behind the back, etc. Change the speed and the "rhythm" of the dribble, change the combination of the dribble moves.
ButterfliesButterflies: Low and in stance, take two dribbles right between your feet, then reach behind you and take two more dribbles in the same spot. Reach back in front and repeat as often and as fast as you can
Full Court Heads UpIn a full court dribble drill, the coach stands up court and when he shows his target hands, the dribbler must deliver a pass, then cut to the basket and receive a pass back from the coach. With a couple of assistants or managers, you can do this at various spots on the floor.
Heads UpThis is stationary dribble drill with your players on the baseline demonstrating a good form dribble. As a coach you have a basketball in your hands and toss it softly to various players and have them tap the ball back to you with their free hand.
Hesitation MoveIn this move, you try to get the defender off balance, and then you explode by the defender to score the basket or to penetrate and dish off to a teammate for the score. Always give equal practice time to both hands. Example: dribble with the right hand, hard and fast towards the basket, then almost come to a stop(still dribbling), and then explode hard to the hoop. Tip: you want to make your defender believe that you are going to stop to take the jumpshot, but then you drive by them instead.
Machine Gunmachine gun: Builds coordination and gives you a good feel for the ball. Dribble very low and very fast. Vary the angle at which you strike the ball.
Multiple ball dribblingPractice dribbling with more than one basketball at the same time. Try switching the balls by going behind the back and through the legs. When you get good with two balls move up to three. Try to keep all of them bouncing at all times. It isn`t easy. This will help you be more comfortable dribbling through traffic in a real game situation.
One-handed sideone-handed side "V": Also know as the "push-pull" dribble, dribble ball at a moderate height forward and back in a rocking motion. With the right hand, and a stance with your left foot in front and the right foot in back and your knees bent, dribble with the right hand at the side of your body,front to back and back to front(with only the right hand). Key: in order to dribble from the front to the back, you must place your hand on top and towards the front of the ball, and push the ball to the back. When you dribble from back to front, you must place your hand on the top and rear of the ball to push it to the front again. Make sure you give equal time to practice with your left hand.
Power dribbling - 10-5 repeat drillThis drill exercises power dribbling with one hand at a time. Choose which hand your would like to practice. Power dribble for 10 seconds, then soft dribble for 5 seconds. Repeat multiple times. This exercise teaches your arm muscles how to alternate between various dribbling speeds that occur during game play.
Power dribbling - Dribble between legs while walkingIn order to do this drill you will need a segment of floor, such as a basketball court floor, a street`s sidewalk, or a wide hallway that is deserted. Power dribble while walking up and down the walkway. Power dribble the ball between your legs to practice fancy dribbling skills. To enhance the drill, perform the drill at a quicker walking pace, maybe at a light jogging pace.
Power dribbling blindfoldedWrap a cloth around your head as a blindfold, or you could simply close your peeking. Power dribble a ball for at least 60 seconds. This drill helps you enhance your tactile sense of the ball. You can enhance the drill by performing it in the center of a deserted basketball court, walking around while dribbling. To make the drill even more challenging, try power dribbling two balls, one in each hand, while being blindfolded and slowly walking around a deserted basketball court.
Power dribbling crossovers -Power dribble in your right hand, and then quickly bounce the ball to your left hand. Power dribble with your left hand for a few seconds before bouncing the ball back to your right hand.
Power dribbling sprintsThis drill requires you to power dribble for an extended period of time and run back and forth on the basketball court. Stand at one end of a basketball court. Dribble to the nearest foul line, and then return to the baseline. Dribble to the middle of the court, and then return to the baseline from which you started. Dribble to the farthest foul line, and then return to the baseline from which you started. Finally, dribble the entire length of the court, and return to the baseline from which you started. This entire continuous power dribbling exercise counts as one complete cycle of the drill. Repeat multiple times to practice your dribbling, speed, and direction-changing abilities.
Power dribbling-3 chair dribblingSet up 3 chairs or cones in a line, spacing each chair/cone 10 feet apart. Power dribble around the chairs/cones in different shapes, such as figure-eights, circles, or any shape. Use your imagination.
Power dribbling-Dirt dribblingThis drill actually requires you to leave the basketball court and find a patch of dirt. Do a Power dribble on the dirt for 1 or 2 minutes. You will need to power dribble the ball even harder than usual in order to get the ball to bounce on the dirt. This drill is an extremely good arm workout with power dribbling.
Power dribbling-Double ballPower dribble two balls, one in each hand. This will increase your arm strength for dribbling and enhance your dribbling control. Since you can`t look at both hands at the same time, this drill will also practice your ability to power dribble without looking at the ball.
Speed Dribble Heads UpPut 4 lines at each baseline and a coach at each FT line. Have one player speed dribble up the floor and around 1/2 court; the coach can then hold up fingers(1,2,3 or 4). The passer must throw the ball to the appropriate line and then the receiver speed dribbles to the other end and repeats the process. More advanced teams can have players going in both directions at once to increase reps.
Stutter step moveThis similar to the hesitation dribble. Always give both hands equal practice time. Example: dribble hard with the left hand, trying to go by your defender, then brake hard, quickly stutter your left, right, and left foot... then explode to the basket!
KENTUCKY DRIBBLING WORKOUTNOTES: Make each move from a position outside the 3-pt arc. Always start on the right side. Make the move to the basket. Use the moves with lay ups, power lay up and jump shots, rebound, dribble out and make the same move out to the other side. Repeat.When using with jump shots take 1 or 2 dribbles by the defender before shooting. Make the moves in this section at GAME speed. *** You can also do these moves at the top of the key, using right and left hand.
#1: Crossover Dribble up to defender about 3' away. Execute a QUICK hop stop, and crossover dribble low to the other hand. The dribble must be LOWER and CLOSER to your body than the other dribbles. If the ball is in your right hand when crossing over, your left foot should drop while your right foot goes with the ball across your body. By this time, you should be by the defender. Then crossover back to the right. The move is opposite with left hand.Dribble up to defender about 3' away. Execute a QUICK hop stop, and crossover dribble low to the other hand. The dribble must be LOWER and CLOSER to your body than the other dribbles. If the ball is in your right hand when crossing over, your left foot should drop while your right foot goes with the ball across your body. By this time, you should be by the defender. Then crossover back to the right. The move is opposite with left hand.
# 2: Inside OutWhen dribbling with the right hand, fake to left with left foot and fake the dribble to the left, then bring your hand on the INSIDE half of the ball, keep it in the same hand and explode to the basket. The move is opposite with left hand.
# 3: Stutter StepThe stutter step is made by dribbling up to the defender about 3' away and make the move. The move is made by dribbling up making sure not to allow the ball to get too high then making 4 QUICK choppy steps and then exploding past the defender. The move is opposite with left hand.
# 4: HesitationThe move is made about 3 ' away from the defender. Dribble up making sure not to allow the ball to get too high, stop, but keep the dribble alive. Your weight is on the left foot, rock back to the right foot and explode past the defender. Vice versa when using left hand.
#5: Stutter crossoverThis move is made by combining the stutter and crossover moves. Stutter first then Crossover.
# 6: Reverse Pivot (spin dribble)When making this move with the right hand, your left foot should be straight in front of the defender's right foot. Pivot on your left and rub against the defender's right shoulder and drive to the basket. The ball should stay in your right hand for one extra dribble. The move is opposite with left hand.
# 7: Between the legsWhen you start your dribble between the legs, the left foot should be in front. Execute a QUICK hop stop and dribble the ball from front to back between your legs. After the ball goes through the legs, the right foot drives by or around the defender. The move is opposite with left hand.
# 8: Behind the BackWhen you begin to dribble behind the back, if the ball is in your right hand, you should be stepping with your left foot around the defender. Opposite with left hand.

2 MINUTE  DRILL: FULL COURT DRIBBLINGPerform moves at full speed using alternate hands for each move . Practice right hand / left hand: stutter, cross-over, fake cross-over, through legs, behind back, spin-dribble, hesitation, and combination moves.

DRIBBLE X-OUT LAYUPSDribble with your right hand for a right hand lay-up; dribble out left handed to left elbow(corner of the key and the free throw line)and back in for a left hand lay-up and continue alternating hands. Do the drill for 1 minute. Dribble and shoot with alternating hands and go for SPEED, but still under control

BALLHANDLING & DRIBBLING DEVELOPMENT is a booklet full of descriptions of the fundamentals of dribbling, and a variety of dribble moves to advance the ball up the floor - or set up your dribble drive. A series of ballhandling and dribbling drills begins from the novice to the advanced player and gives a proper progression on how to become the best dribbler that you can be. 
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