Basketball4all is a non-profit, educational, training and promotional organization which will be incorporated in the State of California to provide a variety of camps, clinics, competitions, and events for the benefit of the entire basketball community.

Basketball4all, the Board of Directors, and our qualified entire staff, is first commited to the education and training of it's student/athletes, rather than the competition and exposure that is too readily emphasized in the game today. It is our belief that a proper background in the game of basketball, and the game of life, will prepare the players for any competition that they will face and that any subsequent exposure will be the end result of that development.

The Basketball4all Foundation is seeking the status of a charitable organization under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code, and will be seeking benefactors to endow a wide variety of programs. The benefactor's donation will placed in a perpetual trust where the principal earns interest and provides the Foundation with perpetual support. 

The funds from the endowments will be budgeted by the Board of Directors and used for:

Educational programs
Exhibitions and events
Lease and rental costs
Staff salaries and benefits 
Tuitions and Scholarships
Research and Publications 
Collection development, aquisitions and preservation 
Land acquisition for a campus 
Building and facilities construction and maintenance 
Complex furnishings and supplies 
Gymnasium and restaurant/cafe furnishings and supplies 

An endowed gift is FOREVER. 

Such a gift IMMORTALIZES either the benefactor or the party named by the endowment. 

The endowment PERPETUALLY honors or memorializes a person, company or group. 

Endowments can be made in memory or in honor of an individual such as a parent, spouse, deceased child or teacher/coach/friend whose influence has had an important impact upon the donor's life. The benefactor names the endowment in perpetuity.

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Basketball 4 All will assist Athletes Looking to Learn by providing the best academic, moral, and athletic training available through a variety of camps, clinics, lessons and leagues at the most reasonable rates available.  . 

Basketball 4 All is committed to success on the court while presenting the game of basketball as a lifetime sport and an avenue for social mobility..  In the process of achieving athletic success, we acknowledge that the world outside the gymnasium is where true success and fulfillment can be found. The basketball court will merely be a laboratory to prepare for the game of life.


In reaching our goals we turn to the three legs of our "Triangle of Triumph":      


PLAY HARD. Be competitors without equal.  Players and coaches, should strive to make sure that no one prepares more thoroughly or works more diligently to become successful. Display the self-discipline necessary to prepare and succeed at the highest attainable level. Give a supreme daily effort, in all areas of life, towards being the best student, employee, and citizen possible.

PLAY SMART. Players and coaches must strive to have knowledge of the system and the fundamentals of the game of basketball, inside and out.  Strive for individual improvement on a daily basis and work to reach the team goals by executing the prepared game plan without fail. Pay special attention to time and score situations and understand the objectives of each. Follow all of the laws, rules and regulations as students, employees, and citizens while striving to achieve a rewarding life plan.

PLAY TOGETHER. Everyone must accept teammates and coaches as they are and mold themselves into whatever is necessary to make US successful.  As a group remember the goodness required to enjoy each other and have fun while participating in this great game.  In our off-the-court lives, it means contributing our time to others, to good and worthwhile causes, and to the welfare of our families and our loved ones.
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