Fundamental Booklet Series

COMPLETE BASKETBALL CONDITIONING offers programs to use all year long. Breaks down strength training into off season, pre season and in season. Programs for quickness and agility, plyometrics, medicine ball drills, and jump training are included, along with a section to build your own pre season conditioning program in order to get your players ready to compete when the season starts. 

SCOUTING MADE SIMPLE provides a thorough system of scouting an opponents tendencies, offensive patterns, defensive strategies and individual strengths and weaknesses. Includes a usable 4-page report, that is a simple and efficient checklist for the coach to use with enough diagrams to cover even the most complex teams.  A complete explanation of each page and suggestions for its' use is highlighted by a method to chart each player and a assist in developing a game plan to stop them.

EFFECTIVE PRACTICE PLANNING takes the coach through the entire season and offers an organized approach to planning the season, developing a practice plan, and ensuring that nothing is missed in preparation for each week.  Provides a sample of strategies, skills, and drills that you may do daily, every other day, weekly, or occasionally. Not just a booklet of drills, but a plan of attack so that no stone is left unturned. 

PASSING MADE PERFECT contains descriptions of the fundamentals of passing, and a variety of passes to advance the ball up the floor - or enter your offense. A series of passing drills begins from the novice to the advanced player and gives a proper progression on how to become the best passer that you can be.  

BALLHANDLING & DRIBBLING DEVELOPMENT is full of descriptions of the fundamentals of dribbling, and a variety of dribble moves to advance the ball up the floor - or set up your dribble drive. A series of ballhandling and dribbling drills begins from the novice to the advanced player and gives a proper progression on how to become the best dribbler that you can be. 

GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL CAMPS & CLINICS provides the coach with a resource containing an approach to planning a variety of camps and clinics. Assists in developing a camp schedule, and making sure the players are learning and having fun week. Contains samples of camp schedules, clinic itineraries, contests and drills that you may do daily or use during station work, and pages of outlines that enable you to give lectures full of information on the fundamentals all week long. Usable flyers, evaluations, waivers, roster forms, and other paperwork to make the camp experience smooth and easy.  

The Defense Never Rests !
1-4 LokaMotion Offense
1-3-1 Defense RULES
Called to Coach ?
Individual Player Development
See the Rim: Shooting Fundamentals
Quickness Through Proper Footwork

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101 Basketball Fundamental Tips distills the game of basketball in order to provide concise tips, tools, and techniques on coaching philosophy, basketball strategy X's & O's, skills and drills, as well as ways to develop a basketball program on the court, outside the lines, in the locker room, and in the coach's office. From the novice youth coach to the experienced veteran, and all players, there is something in 101 Basketball Fundamental Tips for everyone.

Creating Confident and Coachable Players will present some concepts, tips and tools to avoid the pitfalls many coaches face when working with players at all levels.

"Coach Lok" shares research proven methods and stories from his decades of experience to help you become a Gold Standard Coach and get the most out of the players on your teams, whether they are are beginners or all stars.