At best it takes hundreds, maybe thousands of court hours to develop these instincts. Until now. In 6-8 weeks of training two or three times a week for about 45 minutes your players will improve their decision making by nearly 30%. You do nothing but make the decision that you need to improve. The software does the rest. The ACE IntelliGymtm is a cognitive simulation software program, operating on a PC. In many cases, a cognitive training center(computer lab) comprised of several units is set up to form a "mind gym" for the entire team, or players can take it home and train on their own. No preliminary computer know-how is required for using the IntelliGymtm. With internet access, ACE will send back valuable reports of each players performance and progress, enabling a coach to monitor the results.

The concept of the ACE training software, the ACE IntelliGymtm was originally developed for fighter pilots. It features an automatic, self-adjusting training regimen set in a computer-game-like environment that is both familiar and fun, so players will be motivated to train. This is NOT simply a video game, but an actual personal training device. The IntelliGymTM evaluates the skill-set of each player's skills and administers a customized training program to fit that player's individual needs then self-adjusts the regimen during the 8 week program as progress occurs in specific areas.

The ACE IntelliGymtm was introduced to the University of Connecticut prior to the 2003-2004 season. Coach Jim Calhoun may have been prophetic when he said,

"The ACE IntelliGymtm is revolutionary and any coach that will look at it will recognize immediately what it can do for his players... I wouldn't be surprised if five years from now every college and pro team in the U.S. will have the ACE trainer as an integral component of its training system. In a championship game, all other factors being equal, the coach that used the ACE IntelliGymtm system will most likely be the one cutting off the nets."

Other programs, such as Kentucky, Memphis, Florida, Georgia, Ohio State, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina State and more will be training with the IntelliGymtm
You can't be the first - but you can be next !

"If your team is competing at a high level, you are missing something if you don't take a serious look at this program" wrote Alan Lambert of Basketball Highway. "Next year, and the year after you might find yourself beaten by a more focused and intelligent team late in games because it is our opinion that more teams will be adding this cognitive practice tool to their team practices, strength training, and athletic development sessions."

I recently recieved the message, "My son has just received the IntelliGymTM and it was 'love at first sight'."

Another recent comment from a parent of one of our trainees said,"I can already report that my son, playing in his second game of the fall Season last week, was told by the Assistant Coach that he (the coach) 'have never seen you see the court as well as you did tonight'. This was an unsolicited comment, never mentioned before. The result? My son's div IV team beat a Div I team. [My son] scored over 20 pts with 8 assists !! We need more data, of course, but [My son] and I are very impressed at this point. He has not finished the program, of course but we are encouraged."

After Professional and Collegiate installations, ACE has recently released the "ACE IntelliGymtm K-12 Education Edition" and the "ACE IntelliGymtm K-12 Personal Edition" for boy's and girl's programs, or individuals looking to dramatically improve real-time decision-making and increased execution quality. Both editions offer the same training techniques as the Professional and Collegiate editions but are priced for the budgets of high school programs. The K-12 Personal Edition is $150 for 30 training sessions and the K-12 Educational Edition comes with either 30 or 60 player sets for around $2.00 per session. You can't go to the local arcade and play 45 minutes of video games for $2.00. And this helps your game. Guaranteed!

A complete price schedule is available. At the end of the 6-8 week period, if the players have diligently completed the program and you do not see the results translate to the basketball court, ACE offers a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If we can help your players improve decision making and execution, shot selection and team play, movement anticipation and pattern recognition, increase peripheral vision and spatial awareness, lessen your players predictability, and heighten their court sense with the ACE IntelliGymtm you can call me at (909) 592-8255 or the toll free number at (800)575-4ACE and I can share the program and the supporting research with you.

Play Smart,      
        Coach 'Lok'
University Of Memphis
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The ACE IntelliGymTM
How many times do you see a player and say, "he ...really has court sense"...sees the floor"...understands the game"...or...has a high basketball IQ"? If you're like me, not often enough.

In the '60's and '70's basketball training was all about fundamental skill aquisition and footwork. In the '80's and '90's it was about physical training and getting bigger, stronger , faster. Now it's time to address the final frontier..the brain!

ACE (Applied Cognitive Engineering) has developed a revolutionary training tool that enables basketball players to dramatically improve their game-intelligence skills. The ACE IntelliGymtm directly stimulates the brain-functions responsible for basketball's cognitive skills. By doing so, this unique trainer enables super-quick development of proficiencies that, until now, were considered an "instinct", something that the players either have or they don't. Skills such as decision making and execution, shot selection and team play, movement anticipation and pattern recognition, peripheral vision and spatial awareness, unpredictability and overall court sense. Testing the system on real basketball teams has shown to improve their performance in 22% to 28%.

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